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Best Spoken English Training Centre in Khulna

Aricho School of IT stands out as the best Spoken English training center in Khulna. Aricho IT is well-known for its extensive curriculum and knowledgeable teachers, providing a stimulating learning atmosphere that accommodates students of all expertise levels. Students benefit from Interactive lessons, personalized feedback, and modern teaching strategies that build confidence and fluency. The center’s outstanding student reviews and high success rates demonstrate to its dedication to quality. The best option in Khulna for learning spoken English is Aricho IT, whether you’re looking to advance professionally, academically, or personally.

Spoken English course module

  1. Basic Grammar

1. Parts of Speech

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Adjective
  4. Verb
  5. Adverb
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection

2. Sentence Structure

  1. Type of Sentences: Declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, etc.
  2. Other type of sentences
  3. Simple,
  4. Compound, and
  5. Complex Sentences

3. Tenses

  1. Present Tense: Simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous.
  2. Past Tense: Simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous.
  3. Future Tense: Simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous.

4. Voice

  1. Active Voice: Structure & examples.
  2. Passive Voice: Structure & examples.

5. Articles and Determiners

  1. Definite and Indefinite Articles: “The,” “a,” and “an.”
  2. Other Determiners: Quantifiers, possessives, interrogatives, etc.

6. Punctuation

  1. End Punctuation: Periods, question marks, exclamation points.
  2. Commas: Listing, introductory elements, coordinating adjectives, clauses, and other uses.
  3. Semicolons and Colons: Linking independent clauses, lists, and quotations.
  4. Quotation Marks: Direct speech, quotations, titles.
  5. Apostrophes: Possessives, contractions.
  6. Other Punctuation: Parentheses, dashes, hyphens.

7. Clauses and Phrases

  1. Independent and Dependent Clauses: Types and functions.
  2. Relative Clauses: Defining and non-defining.
  3. Noun, Adjective, and Adverb Phrases: Structure and usage.

8. Modifiers

  1. Adjectives and Adverbs: Placement and use.
  2. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers: Identification and correction.

9. Common Grammar Pitfalls

  1. Homophones: Their, there, they’re, etc.
  2. Confusing Words: Affect/effect, who/whom, etc.
  3. Sentence Fragments and Run-Ons: Identification and correction.

10. Practice and Application

  1. Exercises: Varied exercises to practice different aspects of grammar.
  2. Writing Assignments: Short paragraphs, essays, and other writing tasks to apply grammar rules.
  • Speaking
  1. Introduction
  2. Transition with common connectors
  3. Vocabulary
  • Mind on and warnings

  • Self-introduction

  • Part 1
  • Familiar topics
  • Short question-answer

  • Part 2
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Cue cards

  • Part 3
  • Important counts
  • O5 common questions
  • Broad Discussion

Aricho IT distinguishes itself with a personalized approach to training. Since every student receives individualized attention, they may focus on strengthening their strong points and addressing their areas of weakness. Every student develops progress and confidence in the friendly learning environment at Aricho School of IT Institute.

Whether you want to study in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, Aricho School of IT, the best Spoken English training facility in Khulna, is here to give you the skills you need to take on the world. With our extensive Spoken English training, we’ll give you the confidence and expertise you need to achieve your academic and professional goals abroad. Allow us to help you realize your greatest potential.

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# ওয়েবসাইট ডিজাইন
# গ্রাফিক্স ডিজাইন
# ডিজিটাল মার্কেটিং
# সাইবার নিরাপত্তা ও হ্যাকিং প্রতিরোধ
# স্পোকেন ইংলিশ
# আয়েল্টস (IELTS)
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Aricho School of IT is the best freelancing and outsourcing training center in Khulna. We are the first freelancing and outsourcing training institute in Khulna. We have more than 13 years experience in this sector. We have also digital marketing, website design, website development, graphic design, cyber security, video editing, android and ios app development, outsourcing and spoken English course in Khulna.

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