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Understanding Upwork Project Fees: A Guide to Fixed-Price and Hourly Projects 2023

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Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers and clients to connect and work on various projects. While the platform offers many benefits, it’s essential to understand the fees involved to make the most of your earnings. In this article, we’ll explore Upwork project fees and how they work for both fixed-price and hourly projects.

Fixed-Price Projects

For fixed-price projects, Upwork charges freelancers a service fee based on the total value of the project. The fee structure is as follows:

  • 20% for the first $500 billed with the client
  • 10% for lifetime billings with that client between $500.01 and $10,000
  • 5% for billings with the same client that exceed $10,000

For instance, if a freelancer bills a client $100 for a fixed-price project, the service fee will be $20. It’s essential to note that the fee is calculated based on the total value of the project and not the freelancer’s earnings. Therefore, it’s crucial to factor in the fee when setting your rates for fixed-price projects.

Hourly Projects

For hourly projects, Upwork charges a service fee based on the freelancer’s earnings. The fee structure is as follows:

  • 20% on the freelancer’s earnings up to $500 with each client
  • 10% for all future earnings with that client after earning more than $500 with that client

For example, suppose a freelancer works ten hours on an hourly project and bills a client $50 per hour. In that case, the freelancer’s earnings would be $500, and the service fee would be $100 (20% of $500) for the first $500 earned with that client and $25 (10% of $250) for the remaining $250 earned with that client. It’s important to note that Upwork charges a payment processing fee of 2.75% for all payment methods, which is deducted from the freelancer’s earnings in addition to the service fee.


In conclusion, Upwork project fees are essential to consider when working on the platform to ensure you earn the right amount for your work. For fixed-price projects, the service fee is based on the total value of the project, while for hourly projects, it’s based on the freelancer’s earnings. Understanding the fee structure can help you set the right rates and maximize your earnings on the platform.

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